Donating and Getting Involved

Our mission to be the change the community needs in an oppressive society that allows domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking to spread so rampantly. Our mission may seem bold, but it is not impossible to accomplish. With your help, we can, hand in hand, break down the vicious cycle of cruelty done especially among women and children, open opportunities for survivors and families to heal, and educate the community towards the eradication of domestic and sexual violence and exploitation.

This organization also aims to reach out beyond borders and racial differences as we also strive to support Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islanders living in the city who, being outside their own country and far from their own people, became victims of abuse and malicious misconduct.

No man deserves to face the challenges of maltreatment and humiliation alone. That’s why we, at Chaya Seattle, exist. We commit into bringing out the potential of every individual in every school and institution of breaking the chain of violence that poisons the future of our community.

Every donation you give is a seed of hope planted unto every victim of violence, a ray of new beginnings for those who were abused and are still suffering. Your donation may not be much, but it will mean a lot, knowing you cared enough to give.

Women should not suffer the vulnerability to violence, and children must grow in an environment that seeks to give a brighter tomorrow for their generation. Help us make this happen. Start the change. Be the change. Now.