Tattoos can be horrible reminders of what some people have gone through in rocky relationships and marriages. However, various Eyebrow Microblading tattoo artists give free services to those who have gone through abuse during multiple periods of their lives. One such tattoo artist is Brian Finn, who does this activity to give back to society. Eyebrow tattoos are drawn to by Finn to beautify people and remind victims to be on the lookout for abusers in their lives.

He helps people who have been victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and even self-harm victims to navigate difficult periods when they remember their ordeals. He helps cover up the scars with beautiful tattoos, which can also be intertwined with the wounds.

Reasons for tattooing their scars

  • As a remembrance sign

According to Finn, the tattoos he draws on the victims serve as reminders of what they underwent in various toxic relationships. He said that they are permanent reminders to victims that they can never involve themselves in useless relationships that involve physical brawls and emotional torture.

  • As a cover-up

Tattoos act as cover-ups for the scars on victims who have undergone domestic violence. Since the wounds are covered, they boost their self-confidence and self-esteem since they can no longer see the spots. Therefore, they can interact freely without the scars reminding them of their past, and one such example is eyebrow tattoos, which can also be drawn on other body parts.

  • To mark the beginning of a new chapter.

Domestic violence victims also mark the beginning of a new phase of their lives when the tattoos cover their scars. The tattoos enable them to heal from their traumatizing previous relationships and be ready to get involved in their new relationships. It allows the victims to move on with their lives comfortably.


In Russia, domestic violence cases have been on the rise since 2017. It is estimated that every forty-five minutes, a woman undergoes domestic violence in Russia. The government has, therefore, introduced a bill that has decriminalized domestic violence.

Domestic violence in Russia is considered an administrative offense. Those who are found guilty are penalized between €67 and€400, five thousand to three thousand roubles in Russian monetary value. Many people found the bill controversial since they feared that it would play down the domestic violence cases in the country.

The Russian government also indicated that almost ninety-seven percent of the domestic violence cases do not make it to court, nearly 36000 women face domestic violence, and 12000 die per year due to domestic violence.

Types of tattoos drawn to the victims

  • A rose tattoo

It’s one of the most common tattoos that are drawn on victims’ skin. It not only covers their scars but also beautifies them hence boosting their confidence.

  • A Celtic knot

A Celtic knot involves drawing a tattoo, which consists of a lot of intertwining drawings. It covers the scars, especially if people have spots on their hands that cover a large area.

A Celtic knot

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