Bullying in schools is becoming a big problem in our society today. What makes bullying such a dangerous trend, It is getting harder to get into medical school because children can develop adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) because of it. School bullying can trigger an ACE and, the more it occurs, the more a child is social, cognitive, and emotionally impaired.

Bullying affects the academic performance of a child based on the severity of a bullying case. It is hard for them to prepare for exams. The following reasons details how the academic performance of a student is affected by bullying;

Insecurity in the school

A student won’t feel safe if bullying is in school. Most of the students fail to attend school so that they don’t encounter their bullies. By doing so, they end up missing most lessons; hence their academic calendar is affected. They experience nervous breakdowns since they anticipate that they will be bullied. Cyberbullying is also rampant in schools, and it becomes difficult for steady grades to be achieved.

Lack of motivation

Nothing demoralizes a student like raising a hand to answer a question only to be bullied by other students. If a student is attacked when answering a question through abuses, the odds are that their confidence will be lowered. This action hampers a student’s motivation to read and in preparing for exams.

Depression development

Students who are bullied fall into depression and, this impacts their methodology when it comes to learning and conducting certain tasks. As a result of depression, their ability to think is obstructed. Academic success is thus hindered since the brain will not process information, rendering a student to be failing in examinations.

Anxiety attacks

Bullying results in intense panic attacks to students making their bodies to remain in “flight” mode all the time. This process is due to a student’s body being unable to differentiate what’s real and false. Anxiety results in increased heart rate, body temperature, and excess breathing, leading to a student finding it hard to concentrate on learning.

Lack of friends

When a student is being bullied, it becomes difficult for them to make friends. They always think that friends may turn against them and start to bully them. It becomes difficult for them to make friends, and may indulge in peer pressure from others just to fit in. Their academic success may be affected due to a lack of friends they might consult when doing group discussions due to stigmatization.

Lack of self-esteem

When students are bullied, their self- esteem is lowered. They feel that they cannot be able to defend themselves from bullies. A student’s damaged self-esteem makes it impossible for them to even answer questions in class or prepare for exams thoroughly. Their academic grades are affected, and it becomes difficult to bounce back from failure in exams.


The above reasons indicate why bullying affects students academically. Bullying in schools can be stopped by enacting policies in schools prohibiting bullying. Students should also be taught the dangers and effects of bullying, not to do it to others.

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