Lower Your Cortisol Level By Drinking These Juices

Drinking These Juices

Stress is everywhere. It is present in our work environment, at home, in our relationships, and even in our social media life. Whenever we are stressed out, our cortisol levels build up. An small and slow juicer can help you get control your cortisol levels.

What is Cortisol?

It is the stress hormone which is naturally produced by the body. It prepares us for a fight-or-flight mechanism by increasing our glucose levels which leads to an acute stress response. It causes elevated heart rates and rapid breathing. Thus, we become irritable, anxious, or sad. We also turn out to be more prone to digestive complication and inflammation. Others report an increase in their weight, fluctuating energy levels, and difficulties in sleeping.

Too much stress may be detrimental to our health. Indeed, we need something to relieve us of it. Fortunately, we can get our cortisol levels under control by regularly drinking natural juices. This article will be discussing some of the remarkable benefits of juice.

What are the Benefits of Juice?

The body requires time to digest the food that we eat. It needs a lot of resources to completely break down everything that we consume.

Juice allows us to devour several nutrients in just a few minutes because food in liquid form takes lesser energy to digest. It also keeps the nutrients intact and permits our body to receive them in higher amounts.

The Best Natural Ingredients

The following can be mixed to come up with a nutrient-packed juice:

  1. Adaptogenic herbs include Asian ginseng, milk thistle, rosemary, Rhodiola rosa, holy basil, ginseng eleuthero, and liquorice root. They lower the body’s cortisol levels. However, you must use them in small doses of around 200mg or less.
  2. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C are also helpful in lowering our cortisol levels. These comprise of oranges, kale, berries, broccoli, tomatoes, papaya, guava, etc.

Juice Recipes

The following amazing recipes that you can follow are prepared by Ordinary Vegan:

  1. Green with Envy Stress Reliever

To prepare this, you must have 2 peeled lemons, 1 celery rib, 4 cups of kale leaves that are already chopped, 1 cup of parsley sprigs, 3 Granny Smith Apples with seeds removed, and 1 ¼ inch of ginseng.

Once prepared, properly wash everything. Make sure to cut off damaged parts. Lastly, add all ingredients to the juicer. Start with the apples and kale. You can later add the peeled lemons, parsley sprigs, celery rib, and the slice of ginseng. The juice must be consumed within 24 hours.

  1. Beet & Berry Juice for Stress

To make this juice, you would need ½ tablespoon of rosemary leaves, a large handful of spinach/kale, 1 cup of blueberries, 1 Granny Smith apple that is sliced into chunks, 1 peeled lemon, 1 celery rib, and 1 peeled red beet that is cut into chunks.

Thoroughly wash the ingredients. All damaged parts must be removed. Then, carefully juice the kale. Afterwards, you may add the lemon, apples, berries, red beet, celery rib, and rosemary leaves. Drink it within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Consuming natural juices greatly help lower our cortisol level and alleviate stress. Nevertheless, the insights shared regarding the benefits of juice must not become a replacement for traditional medical information. If you have any health concern, make sure you consult your physician before using any herbal products, especially if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or under medication.

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