Does Cannabis Improve Your Mental State of Mind?

Mental State

In contrast to our notion of its contemporary use, Cannabis is now medically legal in some state. Because of its amazing health benefits explained by and many other stories. Since its discovery, there have been huge leaps in medical science of its use, which profoundly paved the way to understanding the benefits and harms of non-conventional herbal plants.

As a health drug, Cannabis seeds are harvested and collectively mixed with more than 500 chemical components. Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main ingredient found in Cannabis seeds. When this is ingested through smoking or eating, it stimulates some parts of your brain which, depending on your toleration, can make you high by awakening the dopamine compound. On the other hand, Cannabidiol or CBD is another chemical from Cannabis seeds that counters the effects of THC. Indeed, the effects of Cannabis can be psychologically and physiologically immense when taken in different dosages.

Different Medical Uses

According to research, the drug can be used to aide in mostly the following:

1.)           Physical pain – a common use for this drug

2.)           Nausea after a chemotherapy

3.)           Seizures due to epilepsy

4.)           Muscle pain from multiple sclerosis

Negative Effects

Similar to other medications, the science of Cannabis has not been fully understood. This, in return, can be harmful to people, especially to women and babies.

Slows down learning and memory – this occurs within 24 hours after use, which can be permanent through the regular intake.

Impairs vision temporarily- distorting the representation of colors

Triggers your anxiety and panic attack

Induce hallucination

Leads to Cancer – there is limited evidence that heavy usage can lead to prostate, cervical, and bladder cancer.

Leads to Pulmonary Disorder – regular smokers can develop complications in the lungs.

Affects Women and Babies – mothers who smoke during pregnancy have underweight or underdeveloped babies.

Cannabis and Mental Health

An exciting thing to note is that Cannabis has found its breakthrough in mental health. Evidence has shown that the drug can help with:

Preventing Dementia – medical indications propose that some cannabinoids on Cannabis seeds may suppress neuronal excitotoxicity and neuroinflammation, which stops the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Increasing one’s appetite and speeding up recovery

Helping in sleep problems for people with fibromyalgia and sleep apnea

Boosting Mental and Physical Immunity – lowers susceptibility to infectious diseases

Supporting Mental relaxation – smoking Cannabis can aide in stress and downtime

Strengthening Psychiatric Improvement – however, for patients who are heavy Cannabis smokers due to schizophrenia and mental irregularities, they can develop bipolar disorders, anxiety, and worse, depression.

The reality of this is that using Cannabis cannot be addressed as simply harmful or helpful. Instead, it must be carefully considered with thorough research and understanding. Soon enough, its potential benefits, as well as its harms, will eventually be appreciated. More so, medical dependency to this drug must not be tangled with addiction – rather, it must be treated the same way as others on the same standard with open-mindedness and prescribed consumption.

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