Gun Violence: Things You Should Know to Reduce It

There have been many instances of gun violence across the globe. The legalities regarding gun ownership have been an argument for many years. The real issue here is how to lessen the number of deaths due to guns. Recommendations are given below to reduce this kind of violence.

Raise awareness for gun safety

There should be a training required and a more difficult screening for those who wish to own a gun. Proper storage of the gun should be included as well. Gun licenses should be renewed along with a refresher training.

Lessen children’s exposure to guns

Although they mostly do not understand, children absorb whatever they see which includes causing violence with the use of guns. As time passes, they witness gun violence more and more.

Have stricter and tougher laws

It will be a good idea for lawmakers to review all the restrictions regarding guns. Preventing gun violence from getting worse will be useless without anyone being penalized. Moreover, police departments must also do their part in patrolling areas where gun crimes often occur.

Educate the community

Guns are not only utilized in crimes. These weapons can also be used in committing suicide. Therefore, supporters of gun ownership should take the initiative in educating the community about the risks of having it. The more people are familiar with guns, the lesser cases of gun-related death there will be.

“Guns do not kill people, people kill people.”  Thus, proper discipline and awareness about gun ownership are vital to lower the incidences of gun violence.

The Power of Women

Women are often hard on themselves. Although they feel stressed and pressured, they work hard to live up to the society’s expectations to prove their value. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to feel empowered. Here are some definitions that epitomize women empowerment:


Equality means giving women equal freedom to have their own decisions and take social, legal, educational, professional, and political opportunities. Women should let their voices be heard wherever and whatever position they may be in. Equality means making the world a place for every woman to flourish.

Loving Oneself

Women must importance to themselves and prioritize their needs regardless of the norms, rules, and other people’s opinions. Loving one’s self is a process that cannot happen overnight. It is something that should be done on a daily basis such as telling oneself that it is okay to commit mistakes. Appreciating one’s body image is also part of this process. Instead of loathing, identifying the body image misconception in society should be considered.

Economic and Financial Freedom

Freely establishing an enterprise and giving promotions to women make them financially independent. These feats can benefit the society. The norm that women should stay at home and let their husbands earn for the family is a thing in the past.

Instead of asking, “What will the world be like without women?” it will be better to ask “What will the world be like if women were more involved?” The status and roles of women have definitely gone through a lot of changes.

Domestic Violence: It Has to Stop

Domestic violence brings about devastating effects especially to children. This kind of abuse can haunt them until they become adults. Therefore, it will become a vicious cycle that will be passed from one generation to another.  This can happen to anyone — young or old, rich or poor. Early intervention is the key to prevent domestic violence and abuse.

  • Know the signs if your partner is about to abuse you. Assess the danger that can be inflicted to you or to your children by identifying the degree of force your partner may use. You may also try to use the methods you have tried before to lessen your partner’s anger.
  • Leave to avoid an abusive situation from occurring. Going on a stroll outside your house can help. This may help diffuse your partner’s anger.
  • Create a safe area in your house. This area should be weapon free and there should be an escape. Keep a phone charged in that room so that you can call an emergency hotline immediately when the abuse begins.
  • Let your friends and neighbors know the situation. Give them signs like turning on a certain light to alert them.
  • Educate your children. Tell them not to meddle if you and your partner fight and to go to a safe area whenever it happens. Moreover, you have to explain that violence is never right.
  • If you plan to escape, make a thorough plan on how you will do it, prepare money, and pack your clothes for the escape.

Never try to endure an abusive relationship. Not only will it cause damage to you. It will also affect your children. There are many ways to end it. You just have to be courageous enough to do it. Don’t lose hope.