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About Us

The Chaya Seattle Organization, or simply Chaya Seattle Org is a group of individuals and different group members of the communities, the Chaya Seattle Org was founded by Jonathan Wiggins. Jonathan is a Seattle Based entrepreneur who dreamed of creating an umbrella community in Seattle that will promote brotherhood and mutual understanding not just within the Seattle area but also on it’s neighboring Cities. With the Goal in his mind, Jonathan started to learn online marketing and social media and start working on a research on how groups can excel and contribute to the growth of it’s own City.

Meet the Founder

Jonathan WigginsA Product of Harvard University with a degree in Business Administration, Jonathan became a very active member of different communities within and outside the Seattle area. Armed with his knowledge and research plus a vast connection of friends and colleagues within the United States, little by little Jonathan started to become familiar with the different organizations of communities in Seattle, from City Residents, Youths, Young Professionals, Senior Citizens, Investors and Individuals. Jonathan and the founding members of Chaya Seattle started gathering data and increase their knowledge through seeking help of active bloggers and social media savvy on the online communities, and that was how their dream started to become a reality.

Mission and Vision

Upon the launching of Chaya Seattle Organization, the group will focus on creating a connection of different groups and reach out and provide help to those who needs to achieve their goal of making an online presence and impact.
Chaya Seattle Organization’s future envisions the new Seattle with all its community members being actively participating not just within the community but also within the online world, to create fast phase communication and development. Once all the goals and objectives are met, control , maintaining and continues improvement of this so called Umbrella Organization of various community groups within the City will be a breakthrough.

More information of our site Policies are available on this site, you may also reach us on our Contact Page.

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