Why Domestic Violence Victims Are More Prone to Smoking Habits

Smoking Habits

Domestic violence has been on the rise for the past couple of years. It results from various factors and causes adverse effects on the victim’s psychological health. According to Destination Smoke, The victims often find an activity that will drive their minds off the abuse, such as smoking.

Smoking involves taking in a substance with the intent of getting high. You can smoke a substance directly by lighting it and smoking the other end through your mouth. You can also smoke using vaporizers or dab rigs.

Abusing the substances hardens the victims, making their lives more bearable amidst the violence. There are several reasons why domestic violence victims take up smoking. They include:

Stress Relief

Being in an abusive relationship increases the stress one experiences. To reduce stress, IPV (intimate partner violence) victims tend to find easy and fast solutions.

Smoking tobacco or bhang helps the victims to temporarily forget about all the anguish and anxiety in their relationships. Therefore, the majority of victims take up smoking to combat the stress that comes with violence.


Intimate relationships should be a safe place that brings joy to both parties. Happiness is fundamental for every person to make life more bearable.

However, domestic violence victims are often sad in their relationships. Therefore, they turn to synthetic sources of pleasure that include smoking.

Keeping Themselves Busy

An idle mind breeds evil thoughts. For a domestic violence victim, idleness can lead to severe actions such as suicide.

The victims, thus, find activities to engage in and draw them from such thoughts. Smoking is among the activities that the majority of victims settle for, thanks to its self-medicating property.

Pain Relief

Domestic violence not only revolves around mental torture but also physical abuse in extreme cases. Physical abuse causes pain, making life unbearable for the victims.

Consequently, actions to relieve the pain become necessary. Smoking substances make the body numb, enabling the victim to withstand the injuries.

A Feeling of Control

Violence gives the victims a feeling of helplessness. It makes them susceptible to esteem issues. Smoking substances temporarily restores their esteem.

They get to decide when to smoke and the amount to take up during various smoking sessions. Consequently, the victims achieve a feeling of control over their lives.


Frequent abuse makes domestic violence victims angry and bitter towards their abusers. The majority of victims take up smoking to derive the confidence to rebel against their abusers. Under the influence, they get the strength to resist and fight back against their abusers.

Final thoughts

Domestic violence victims are deprived of the joy, control, and confidence required to live comfortably.

As a result, they turn to activities that they feel can give them back the capacity to live a normal life. Abusing substances such as smoking tobacco and cannabis is among the easiest way to restore normal lives.

However, it is worth noting that following this path impairs the victim’s judgment. Consequently, other new problems such as crime and increased violence start cropping up.

Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help to solve the issues causing the violence, rather than resorting to smoking.


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