Smoking Pot Could Save Marriages from Conflict, Aggression, and Violence

Smoking Pot

A new study is proving that couples Buying Cannabis in Canada and do smoke are happy together. This might sound unbelievable and ridiculous but there is actual evidence that supports this statement.

Previous reports indicate that marijuana and alcohol tend to increase aggression. However, the most recent study by a cannabis expert revealed that smoking pot had positive impacts among married couples.

What experts say

Dr Jordan Tishler, a cannabis specialist who has worked for more than 20 years, said that he would have predicted exactly what the study found out. He said that cannabis would reduce incidences of couple violence.

What research says

The research was done in the past focused on cannabis users with past violent and psychiatric problems. For example, a study carried out in 2008 that involved 269 men with alcohol abuse and antisocial personality disorder systems found a correlation between cannabis use and violence.

However, this study included subjects who already had brushes with law enforcers due to domestic violence.

Another study showed that smoking pot encouraged violent behavior more than alcohol abuse and cocaine use. Like in the first study, individuals involved in the study were past patients in psychiatric hospitals.

These two studies did not include individuals with non-violent pasts. Researchers carried out a study that studied how cannabis use affects couples without past violent incidences. It involved 634 married couples as the test subjects.

The couples were tasked with regular mail-in surveys where they were supposed to fill in several marital issues such as cannabis use, alcohol use, and incidences of physical aggression.

The couples filled in the surveys throughout the first nine years of their marriage.

Results of this study suggested that generally, frequent use of cannabis caused little to no intimate partner violence.

How does pot-smoking reduce conflict, aggression, and violence?

Benjamin Krasne, a physician and anesthesiologist say that cannabis use may reduce violence because chronic pot smokers do not show serious reactions to threat stimuli. This reduces the likelihood of chronic marijuana users exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Couples who use marijuana are less likely to engage in aggressive or violent behavior because they are less stressed and less anxious.

Dr. Tishler says that even occasional smoking can reduce conflicts among couples. Although too much THC may trigger violence, prescription doses have calming effects on cannabinoid receptors. Low doses potentially reduce feedback loops that cause anxiety and anger.

However, these studies do not suggest that marijuana will fix aggression immediately. Pot smoking does not assure a lack of problems in marriage but might reduce anxiety and stress which are the two major issues that ignite aggression and violence.

Low doses of marijuana can also help to improve sex life, intimacy, and overall bonds between partners. Generally, cannabis can help to enhance or maintain marriages, especially between couples without violent histories.

The outcome might be different for couples with aggressive histories. Remember, previous studies showed that marijuana use might reignite the violent behaviors of individuals with past psychiatric disorders and violent behaviors. Before you decide to use marijuana to calm your marriage life, make sure to consult an expert.


To conclude, Cannabis has come a long way when it comes to research and acceptance in society. Cannabis in Canada has been growing in demand and production in recent years. The more research that is done and positive effects found in cannabis, the more accepted it will be as a medicinal and recreational drug.

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