Seattle-based Fashion Bloggers You Should Check Out

Fashion Bloggers

Even with the usual cute dresses, Best waist trimmer and a pair of capris for summer, or sweaters and light jackets for nighttime, Seattle locals could use some help when it comes to fashion. When you need a few ideas about the finest in beauty and style, you should check out these Seattle-based fashion bloggers. Rest assured you won’t need various waist trimmers or any other enhancing accessories just to look and feel good in the Emerald City.

  • AikA’s Love Closet
  • Black White and Brunette
  • Hey Pretty Thing
  • MollieInSeattle
  • Style Miss Molly

AikA’s Love Closet

AikA is originally from Japan, but despite having hailed from the Land of the Rising Sun, she has embraced Seattle culture and lifestyle since 2008. Her take on the latest apparel trends emphasizes exclusivity and functionality.

Check out AikA’s Love Closet, where you can see more amazing photos of her wearing elegantly looking yet sleek outfits. The great thing about her being a fashion blogger is that she can manage to pair her stylish suit with any hair color she recently has.

Black White and Brunette

Maddie Haisch has a simple yet unique penchant for donning black and white clothing with finesse. If you want to know how she manages to pull this off, check out her online posts.

Black White and Brunette is based on her blog of the same name, and it also happens to be her username on Instagram. Make sure to follow her so that you will learn how to make your garb stand out in public, even with only these two contrasting shades.Hey Pretty Thing

Carolyn Yuen Marino is a Hong Kong transplant who now works as a full-time high school English teacher in the Emerald City. Having a passion for glamour and lifestyle; however, she still decided to start a blog about beauty, makeup, outfits, and travel, as well as food and drink. As a result, Hey Pretty Thing was envisioned.

Hey Pretty Thing expresses much of Carolyn Yuen Marino’s love for languages, several cultures, and social justice. Via this blog and her classroom as well, she can share her perspective with flair.


It’s no surprise that Mollie Ruiz-Hopper is widely known as one of the best-known fashion bloggers based in Seattle, perhaps due to being a style inspiration. For those who are curious as to how she made her way here and made a name for herself, visit her blog MollieInSeattle.

You will find almost everything on MollieInSeattle, be it fashion, beauty, or lifestyle. Once you browse through her amazing photo gallery, you will notice right away that Mollie Ruiz-Hopper stands out among the crowd, whether she is sporting dresses or warm jackets. Additionally, she offers tips on the best places where you can find pretty clothes.

Style Miss Molly

The name Molly Clifton may not sound familiar to most of you, but she is a Seattle-based kindergarten teacher with a distinctive fashion sense. Her confidence radiates together with her ladylike and uptight spirit. Log on to her blog, Style Miss Molly, for more inside information on fashion.

Style Miss Molly is loaded with practical ideas on how to mix and match enduring pieces the fashionable way and still look elegant on a budget. She teaches not only kids but also aspiring fashionistas on staying chic and vibrant as efficiently as possible.

Be inspired to look good and be in style from these Seattle-based Fashion Bloggers.

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