Domestic Violence and Weight Loss Just Don’t Go Hand in Hand

Weight Loss Just Don’t Go Hand in Hand

If you think experiencing domestic violence results in losing weight, think again. This is what happened to Diana Leigh, a blogger, who shared her best fat burner experience with her husband and how her journey to weight loss just can’t go further with what she is experiencing at home. She had attested that everything she experienced with her husband had led to a serious eating disorder and other physiological failures. Here’s her story.

Diana Leigh’s Weight Management Journey

Diana thought she had married the man that would cherish her and make her feel special like she deserved it. Everything actually went well with her relationship with Duncan until after some time when they got married. She noticed how he tended to abuse her by making her finish his meal alongside hers. There were instances when he does not give her the money she needed for work and made her stretch her remaining $5 for five meals.

However, she also said that Duncan is not all too bad in treating her. She mentioned how he also supported her in losing weight. However, he does not seem to hold true to his words as he also wanted Diana Leigh to accompany him to an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant or that he also ordered unhealthy food choices for her. There were times that he withheld her meals as retaliation to their arguments. She also said that Duncan tended to start these arguments while they were having their meals.

Weight Loss and Domestic Violence Don’t Go Together Pretty Well

Many have thought that being exposed to violence causes abrupt weight loss. However, in the case of Diana Leigh, she has experienced health issues that led to her speedy weight gain. She developed eating disorders, inability to focus, and her experience with anxiety and depression were simply more painful to bear than the physical pain she could endure in such a toxic relationship.

Currently, she is trying to cope with her life’s struggles. There has been no update as to her leaving Duncan or starting a new life somewhere. Nonetheless, there is only one thing that is sure – she knew she needed to get back on track. When she hit a 197/150 blood pressure rate, she knew she had to do something about it or it would cost her health or her life.


Not everyone who grew wider in a relationship are happy with one another. Like Diana Leigh’s relationship with Duncan, she has gained so much to the point of putting herself in grave danger. All that matters to her now is to be back on track, living a healthy life, and coping up with the stress she had experienced living with him.

Her derailed weight loss regimen is a fact that physical, mental, and emotional stress are factors of an unhealthy weight gain. As maintaining a proper diet plan and staying in a recommended body weight helps you maintain your well-being, having a positive experience in life can also shape your mind and your body to become as healthy as you can be.

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