The Power of Women

Women are often hard on themselves. Although they feel stressed and pressured, they work hard to live up to the society’s expectations to prove their value. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to feel empowered. Here are some definitions that epitomize women empowerment:


Equality means giving women equal freedom to have their own decisions and take social, legal, educational, professional, and political opportunities. Women should let their voices be heard wherever and whatever position they may be in. Equality means making the world a place for every woman to flourish.

Loving Oneself

Women must importance to themselves and prioritize their needs regardless of the norms, rules, and other people’s opinions. Loving one’s self is a process that cannot happen overnight. It is something that should be done on a daily basis such as telling oneself that it is okay to commit mistakes. Appreciating one’s body image is also part of this process. Instead of loathing, identifying the body image misconception in society should be considered.

Economic and Financial Freedom

Freely establishing an enterprise and giving promotions to women make them financially independent. These feats can benefit the society. The norm that women should stay at home and let their husbands earn for the family is a thing in the past.

Instead of asking, “What will the world be like without women?” it will be better to ask “What will the world be like if women were more involved?” The status and roles of women have definitely gone through a lot of changes.

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