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The Rainbow Connection of Seattle Communities

Seattle Smith Tower

The Seattle Smith Tower is one of the City’s Land Mark.

Seattle, the so called “Jet City” or the “City of Goodwill” has a community that has been active on neighborhood engagement online through blogs, social media and forums. The City’s community with an enormous number of active online groups is still nothing if we will be comparing it to other cities like the big apple and windy city. New York and Chicago communities seem to consider having a blog or an “Online Presence” as a part of their standard operation procedure or S.O.P to make their presence visible even on those beyond their reach. There is a clear proof that a lot of community groups are still in need of a technical and professional help in terms of online presence through social media and other means.

The Seattle Community is indeed looking for a “big brother” or an umbrella organization that will definitely solve the concern of this “help” that will promote not only a cooperation with different groups, but will also serve as a “rainbow connection” that will complete the missing part. Imagine a nature’s miracle on how the rainbow was able to connect all the basic colors that we’ve known since our childhood days? If a concern individual or group can recognize this need, start planning and hopefully implement this kind or solution to this concern, then Seattle communities will reach its break through.

Seattle, being the largest city at the pacific region of North America with at least six hundred fifty thousand residents as of 2013 has a huge potential on being on the top 5 cities of United States. Indeed It’s communities and organizations had played a pivotal role in attracting investments, tourism, education and employments. Somehow, with the current growth of the City based on statistics, it shows that it can still be improved and one major factor that will help its increase is the presence of having a unified group that will come together as one.

Once this rainbow connection is established, Seattle would reach it’s place, that it is destined to be.

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